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Hello, there! Thank you for visiting my online profile! My name is Nawras Othman, I live in Amman, Jordan. I love learning new things and sharing them with the world.
I do love doing Nginx Administration, Debian Administration, cPanel Management, Python Programming, building websites using Django Framework, Wordpress management, Academic Researching....
You can learn a lot about me on this page. Download CV


Learn With Naw Network

Learn With Naw network consists of a couple of websites created by me to share technical tutorials with Arabic audience. Those easy to follow tutorials help people to manage their web-hosting accounts and to administrate their Wordpress blog and their web applications easily and effectively.

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Youtube channel

I started making Youtube videos in 2016 and people liked my way of explaining things. I got motivated to keep sharing the value on Youtube. Now I 'm consistent in uploading weekly videos about web-hosting issues and web apps administration.

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Vivekananda 's Work Translation Project

Vivekananda's philosophy influences me in my daily life. Whenever I feel low, his words always lift me up. I found no Arabic translation for his works, I thought to do it myself. I started translating his lectures and sharing some of his translated quotes On Vivekananda.learnwithnaw.com website. Although I 'm not consistently progressing in this project, I hope that I can have the time to complete the translation one day.

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