Nawras Othman's Profile

Nawras Othman is a motivated learner and a dedicated freelance web developer based in Jordan. She spends most of her time administrating her virtual servers and websites. She believes in the open source philosophy and in the freedom of information. She keeps sharing her experiences and knowledge with the world through her websites and Youtube channel.

Nawras Othman's CV

Projects Some of my important projects

On Learn With Naw YouTube channel, you will find more than 500 simple and easy to follow tutorials. These tutorials guide the Arabic audience through their website administration journey. They focus on web development, WordPress, server administration, databases, programming, etc.
WordPress theme handbook covers the basics of WordPress theme development. I and my YouTube subscribers read this guide and implement it in our test theme. The goal of this project is to keep updated with the best practices for WordPress theme development. is a Django-based website. It was developed using test Driven development methodology (TDD) with Django-Python framework. is my online profile, in which you can find the skills and the projects I am work on.

Skills Some of my skills

I love to manage and administrate Debian-based Linux VPS. Although this passion begins as a hobby, now it is more like daily work and profession. I am familiar with web servers, database administration, software installation, etc.
Healthy WordPress websites require regular checks. My responsibility is to optimize their performance and assure security. I also maintain WordPress websites and make sure they function correctly without any errors.
Learning how to use the Django Framework was one of the best decisions I ever made. It ensures fast and secure development with less code to write. is an example of my Django work.

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Message me and please let me know how I can be of further help. You can contact me via email **. Fortunately, I do NOT use social media for my privacy concern.