Learn With Naw Channel

On Learn With Naw YouTube channel, you will find more than 500 simple and easy to follow tutorials. These tutorials guide the Arabic audience through their website administration journey. They focus on web development, WordPress, server administration, databases, programming, etc.

Skills used for this project

I can explain complicated terms in simple and easy words. I break down and rephrase the concept to make it a piece of cake for my audience.
I love to manage and administrate Debian-based Linux VPS. Although this passion begins as a hobby, now it is more like daily work and profession. I am familiar with web servers, database administration, software installation, etc.
Healthy WordPress websites require regular checks. My responsibility is to optimize their performance and assure security. I also maintain WordPress websites and make sure they function correctly without any errors.


I mostly use my PHP skills to edit WordPress themes and functions. I sometimes create PHP web apps for practice or tutorial's sake. Food composition and Ideas apps are examples of my PHP projects.
I develop WordPress themes from scratch. My WordPress themes are simple, clear and SEO & RTL compatible. I can also edit pre-made WordPress themes to achieve specific functionality.