The goal of this project is to convert a static HTML template to a dynamic WordPress theme. We followed a simple approach to get the conversion done. The project videos are available on YouTube. You can also check the project code on GitHub.
On Learn With Naw YouTube channel, you will find more than 500 simple and easy to follow tutorials. These tutorials guide the Arabic audience through their website administration journey. They focus on web development, WordPress, server administration, databases, programming, etc.
WordPress theme handbook covers the basics of WordPress theme development. I and my YouTube subscribers read this guide and implement it in our test theme. The goal of this project is to keep updated with the best practices for WordPress theme development.
I create HTML5 & CSS3 templates from time to time for practice and education's sake. My templates are simple, clear, easy to use, responsive and SEO & RTL compatible. I use these templates for my websites and tutorials. is a Django-based website. It was developed using test Driven development methodology (TDD) with Django-Python framework. is my online profile, in which you can find the skills and the projects I am work on.
PHP Basics video is a 4-hour educational Youtube tutorial. It walks the viewer through the PHP basics in a simplified way. It covers the topics of PHP variables, functions, arrays, loops, OOP, etc. A simple CURD app is created at the end of this tutorial.
In this project, we created a simple PHP website that uses USDA Food Composition API. This API enables us to incorporate nutrient data into our app. We used the PHP CURL and Bootstrap for styling. The code of this project is available on GitHub.