Simplyfing the complex

I can explain complicated terms in simple and easy words. I break down and rephrase the concept to make it a piece of cake for my audience.

This skill was used for the following projects

On Learn With Naw YouTube channel, you will find more than 500 simple and easy to follow tutorials. These tutorials guide the Arabic audience through their website administration journey. They focus on web development, WordPress, server administration, databases, programming, etc.
PHP Basics video is a 4-hour educational Youtube tutorial. It walks the viewer through the PHP basics in a simplified way. It covers the topics of PHP variables, functions, arrays, loops, OOP, etc. A simple CURD app is created at the end of this tutorial.
In this project, we created a simple PHP website that uses USDA Food Composition API. This API enables us to incorporate nutrient data into our app. We used the PHP CURL and Bootstrap for styling. The code of this project is available on GitHub.