I can explain complicated terms in simple and easy words. I break down and rephrase the concept to make it a piece of cake for my audience.
I create HTML5 & CSS3 templates from time to time. I use these templates for my websites and YouTube tutorials. My skill saves me when I want to make a quick change or edit on any WordPress website.
I love to manage and administrate Debian-based Linux VPS. Although this passion begins as a hobby, now it is more like daily work and profession. I am familiar with web servers, database administration, software installation, etc.
Healthy WordPress websites require regular checks. My responsibility is to optimize their performance and assure security. I also maintain WordPress websites and make sure they function correctly without any errors.
Test-driven development (TDD) is a development methodology; in which the software development is driven by the results of tests.
Learning how to use the Django Framework was one of the best decisions I ever made. It ensures fast and secure development with less code to write. is an example of my Django work.
I mostly use my PHP skills to edit WordPress themes and functions. I sometimes create PHP web apps for practice or tutorial's sake. Food composition and Ideas apps are examples of my PHP projects.
I develop WordPress themes from scratch. My WordPress themes are simple, clear and SEO & RTL compatible. I can also edit pre-made WordPress themes to achieve specific functionality.